The shortest answer is doing the thing.
Ernest Hemingway

Wachstum ist ein Prozess schöpferischer Zerstörung.
Joseph Alois Schumpeter

Society doesn't have values. People have values.
Milton Friedman

Krise ist ein produktiver Zustand. Man muss ihm nur den Beigeschmack der Katastrophe nehmen.
Max Frisch

Nur das Denken, das wir leben, hat einen Wert.
Hermann Hesse
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Successful implementation of New Business Ideas

In this seminar participants will learn how to turn a new business idea into a step-by-step procedure for a promising business concept. This business concept can further be enhanced to become a basis for eventual financing. Opportunities and threats inherent to the business idea will become clearly visible.


Why of all things should your business idea translate into market success? This is the question arising, when a competitive employee presents a new business idea to superiors. A few additional questions might quickly reveal that the idea might not be thoroughly thought through and that there are some hurdles to overcome at implementation. These shortcomings might hurt the reputation of the initiator and make it harder for him or her to get a second, or even a third chance. Bottom line: Good ideas are welcome, but they need to be meticulously crafted and well presented. This is exactly the objective of our seminar: The development of new business ideas into viable business concepts. Exact specifications, calculations, evaluations, opportunities and threats, resource planning, mile stones, and action plans provide the basis for the proposition.


Participants learn how to translate a new business idea into a successful marketing concept. The outline of the business concept comprises the basis for financing. It must demonstrate to management which market opportunities, strategies, competences and resources are critical for successful implementation, and provide a basis for the decision-making process to either adopt or reject the project. 


Entrepreneurial executives and employees in positions that will require them to be well equipped for the development and marketing of new business ideas. 
INH 71
Duration:4 days
Place, Date:to be agreed upon
Language:German or English
Included are the lecturer as well as a firm-specific customization of the content tailored to the needs of the customer. Additional expenses are billed separately.


*plus VAT. Invoice in Euro possible at the current rate.