SMP St. Gallen

St. Gallen has been for years one of the most prestigious and well-established institution for management education in Europe. Our over one hundred lecturers, professors and consultants provide latest management knowledge in all areas of modern business management.


The St. Gallen Management Model:
Philosophy and origin in historical order

The history of the SMP Management Programm St. Gallen is closely related to the development of the holistic St. Gallen Management Approach.

Professor Dr. Emil Brauchlin, a peer of Prof. Dr. Hans Ulrich at HSG (St. Gallen University) who served as tenured professor and institute director is one of the most important witnesses of this development. A long-term advisor of the St. Gallen Group of Business Schools, and renowned lecturer and head of the examination committee of our business schools, Professor Dr. Emil Brauchlin dedicated the second half of his career to transforming the St. Gallen Management Model into a practical concept.


Since its origin the St. Gallen Management Programm served as a link between research and practice. In this overarching role a unique, solution-oriented management approach evolved. Management insights and best practice concepts, for example the «holistic management approach» originate from the St. Gallen Management Model and have been integrated into result-oriented leadership concepts. Our concept takes full advantage or the benefits of these various approaches and at the same time compensates for potential weaknesses.


Focused on clients, open-minded,
with practical relevance.


History of the SMP Management Programm St. Gallen.


SMP provides the link between theory and practice. For almost 30 years we have been evaluating scientific studies and research results with the goal to determine the effects on management practice. Numerous observations and discussions with decision-makers and executives resulted in critical findings for the development of viable management practices.


Continuing education and personal networking are paramount for any executive. Our alumni network offers the perfect platform to do so. Our knowledge database provides online access to latest management know-how long after courses are over, and enables our alumni to use our concepts and methodologies whenever they need them to solve a problem at hand.