The shortest answer is doing the thing.
Ernest Hemingway

Wachstum ist ein Prozess schöpferischer Zerstörung.
Joseph Alois Schumpeter

Society doesn't have values. People have values.
Milton Friedman

Krise ist ein produktiver Zustand. Man muss ihm nur den Beigeschmack der Katastrophe nehmen.
Max Frisch

Nur das Denken, das wir leben, hat einen Wert.
Hermann Hesse

Marketing Program

This in-house seminar is offered in two 3-day modules. The In-house marketing program provides well-structured marketing insights and concentrated knowledge: From marketing strategy to product, market and distribution concepts. Topics include branding, pricing, communication, market penetration, distribution, and success at the point of sales. Due to the in-house setting, the client has the possibility to set company-specific focus on topics demanding special attention; for example consumer marketing, marketing of luxury goods, marketing of industrial goods, marketing of services, online marketing, etc.


The St. Gallen Marketing Model offers the unique opportunity to comprise a wide array of marketing topics into one comprehensive concept, and at the same time leave room for industry and company-specific considerations. The proper tools, derived from the St. Gallen marketing toolbox, enable participants to effectively apply newly gained competence in their area of expertise. The two 3-day modules target specialists as well as managers and provide comprehensive insights into marketing, sales and distribution concepts including the following topics: Marketing strategy, branding, positioning, differentiation, product performance, product line strategy, service policy, and implementation concepts. Participants familiarize with optimized customer segmentation, prizing strategies, communication and social media, market development, distribution concepts, e-biz, search engine optimization, exploiting customer potential, customer loyalty and retention, acquisition of new customers, and discounting. We engage participants in market development concepts for foreign countries, development of new distribution channels, development of new business models, marketing concepts for premium and luxury goods, sales processes and sales organization management.


The St. Gallen In-house Marketing Program takes the specific situation of your industry into consideration: Customer service, B2B, consumer goods, capital goods, commodities, luxury products, and more. This program offers insights in customer related topics and distribution concepts: Direct sales, trade marketing, distribution systems, e-biz, and more. We develop your company-specific in-house marketing concept by crafting your ‘10 Marketing Components’ and tailor each one to the particular needs of your organization. 


This program is tailored to individual target groups. We can offer a program specifically designed for functional specialists of marketing and customer related domains with prior knowledge in this field, or alternatively we offer an intensive introductury program for management and experts with no prior marketing training. 
INH 70
Duration:3 + 3 days
Place, Date:to be agreed upon
Language:German or English
Included are the lecturer as well as a firm-specific customization of the content tailored to the needs of the customer. Additional expenses are billed separately.


*plus VAT. Invoice in Euro possible at the current rate.