With SMP Custom Programs, we support the achievement of company goals on an operational and strategic level. We develop customized concepts, which are conceptually exactly tailored to the needs and objectives of the customer. This enables us to develop specific implementation results for your own business practice and to integrate them into the corporate logic.

Corporate learning

The integrated St. Gallen approach to management from SMP, proven in practice, has been made available for company-internal executive education through SMP Inhouse St. Gallen for many years. 

It is thus possible to combine the latest management know-how at the highest level with company-specific issues. The results are individually tailored to your enterprise; executive education that optimally combines knowledge transfer, skill acquisition, and practical application. 

SMP’s array of services ranges from organizing presentations and seminars by top instructors to realizing comprehensive and highly customized management development projects and corporate universities. As an external partner, we support those responsible for corporate human resources throughout the process—from problem analysis, goal definition, design and execution, to evaluation and quality control. 

SMP Inhouse thus acts as your competent partner, who enables you to establish comprehensive and qualitatively good executive training programs with lean and efficient internal structures. 

Our offerings

1. Seminars

You can draw on existing seminar concepts at your discretion, or plan and realize a program tailored to the specific needs of your managers. The entire range of integrated management is at your disposal. This range comprises, amongst others, the following topics:

  • Corporate Governance
  • Strategic Management
  • Structure and Process Management
  • Change Management
  • Marketing and Sales
  • Human Resources Management and Leadership
  • Financial Management und Controlling
  • etc.

2. Workshops & Consulting 

Knowledge transfer is at the heart of our inhouse seminars.

However, knowledge must lead to measurable results. This can only be achieved through the everyday joint effort of managers and individual teams. This requires a high degreeg of willingness to outperform. Specific designed inhouse workshops help to provide up-to-date management knowledge and transform it into valuable solutions for practical problems.

Hence they represent a blend of knowledge transfer and application, thus improving the efficacy of implementation efforts by applying the required professional instruments and management tools to the client’s particular situation.

3. Management Development Programs 

Opportunities and risks in the market often lead to a necessity for change within an enterprise, thus becoming a new challenge for management. It is competition for the best management resources, which is decisive for business success. Therefore, continual and comprehensive development of managerial competence for executives and high potentials is an imperative. The framework of a management development program, which is customized to the company’s specific situation, takes shape through seminars, workshops, project tasks, and coaching. The choice and intensity of the individual modules are decided in detail in cooperation with those responsible for human resources for your company.

4. Corporate University 

Worldwide, SMP has designed several business schools, brought them to the lead and led them successfully. This is unique knowledge that we are glad to put at your disposal when it comes to establishing such programs. 

  • We act as a “general contractor for management competence”, designing and realizing your corporate university.
  • We analyze a corporate academy or university using the best practices in efficiency and effectiveness.
  • We know how to improve quality, lower costs, and improve educational evaluations.
  • We can design and conduct the complete range of seminars and courses, company-specific master and executive MBA programs.