Strategic Management

Intensive seminar for experienced managers.


Asked "What is our company going to look like in 2 to 5 years?" hardly any manager will be able to answer "The same as today.". Dynamic economic, technological, socio-political and environmental changes in market structure and behavior constantly force managers and companies to felxibly adapt to new challanges and realities.

Proactive management for future success thus only can be achieved, if the questions mentioned above can be answered and the answers are being accepted by owners, shareholders, management, and employees. For everyone within the organization to know, which future objectives the company strives for, which policies are being applied, and what his or her own part in the overall picture is to be, terse strategies are needed.
If these strategies are to be more than just paperwork, but are to influence thinking and behavior of employees in a significant way, key personell and opinion leaders have to be involved in the process from step one. Only this involvement turns a strategy into the process of strategic management.
It is the objective of this seminar to explain the fundamental concepts of strategic management in a systematic way. The lecturers rely on their vast experience from many strategic projects to relate to the participants the most effective instruments and methods for defining, formulating, and succcessfully implementing strategic concepts.

Shaping the future
Neither surprising constraints nor so called "good opportunities" are to determine the strategic development of the company. We plan the future applying ambitious options and take proactive steps to ensure future revenues above the market standard.

Including employees into strategic projects
We expect from our employees motivation and entrepreneurial spirit. As a prerequisite to this, we develop the future directions of the company together with our key employees and and communicate results of this process early and comprehensively. Everyone should participate, which can significantly contribute to strategy development and strategy implementation.

Courage for change
Strategic course corrections will require changes. Insistance on the staus quo is usually stronger than the will to such changes. For this reason joint strategy development includes key opinion leaders into the process from the beginning in order to encourage them to actively take part in shaping the future and thus provide the new ideas with a powerful lobby.

How to avoid the tripwire of operative results
Success is a great motivator. But success, particularly if it occurs constantly for many years makes, also makes lazy and obscures the view for threatening developments. With the strategy project, we aim to sharpen the senses, to energize us with respect to future bad times and remind us of the key factors responsible for our past success.

Project management
Development and implementation of the strategy is a complex process. We attach great importance to effective project management and try to avoid inefficiencies and unnecessary delays. For this we apply a set of proven instruments.
The seminar brings together the latest findings in management theory with practical experience of professionals from top companies. Thus paricipants of the seminar learn to:

  • conduct a strategic analysis as to record the status quo and define the need for action to secure the future
  • identify frequent mistakes in strategic planning,
  • to formulate policy options available,
  • determine strategies with a high probability of success
  • initiate measures to strategy implementation and control.

Full course materials and "working tools" developed by SMP allow a direct implementation of the course contents. Particular attention is allotted to the topic of time and timing. We show why in a world that is turning "faster and faster" and in which much is unplanned, strategic thinking is so important.

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Target audience

  • Entrepreneurs
  • Managers from the top layers of their organization
  • CEO's, CFO's, managing direktors.
  • Members of the board
  • Managing directors of important subsidiaries or business units
  • Managers in positions with strategic responsibility


The St. Gallen approach to Strategic Management

  • Basic concepts of strategic leadership
  • Strategic management as part of the integrated approach to management
  • Consequences of strategic decisions
  • Achieving outstanding results through strategic competence

Strategic analysis

  • The most important analysis in strategy projects
  • Analysis for defending market positions
  • Analysis for developing new markets
  • Unsolved customer problems as basis for new products and services
  • How to cope with technological substitution and changes in market structure
  • Outsourcing, strategic alliances, reducing complexity

Effective strategies in dynamic markets

  • Strategic navigation in highly competitive markets
  • Managing the value drivers
  • The concept of core competencies
  • Time-based-Management
  • Evolution small steps or visionary management for quantum leaps?
  • The management of discontinuities

Formulating strategies

  • Working with strategic otions
  • Future market positions and portfolio-management
  • Methods und instruments for formulating strategies
  • How to avoid dangerous tripwires on the way into the future
  • Visionary management for future success
  • From strategies, that only cost money, to those that generate revenue and profit
  • How to transfer strategic plans into budgets and quantitative targets

Implementation of strategies

  • Effective methods for successful implementation of strategic concepts
  • Strategic indicators and strategy-controlling
  • Balanced Scorecard and St. Gallen Implementation Barometer


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