Finance for Executives

Interactive seminar for executives of the upper and top management.


Executives with responsibility for results are constantly making significant financial decisions. They base their decisions on financial statements, profit and loss accounts, financing portfolios, cash-flow and corporate value calculations, performance figure systems, controlling reports, etc. 

Many board members, managing directors, profit center heads and other managers with result responsibility and a professional career with technical background or in fields such as development, production, marketing, sales or politics would like to hone their financial skills.

This «Finance Management for Executives» seminar addresses the executive perspective and comprehensively covers all major aspects of financial management.

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  • Executives with result responsibility not being specialists in finance
  • Executives, board members, business unit heads and profit center heads who are involved in financial decision making


Strategic Decisions and Consequences on Financial Management

  • Product line extension and cost structure
  • Financing of strategic options
  • Outsourcing and capital turnover
  • Focusing on core businesses and impact on cash-flow

Significance of the Annual Report

  • How are financial statements and profit and loss statements analyzed and interpreted?
  • Which performance figures lead to what kind of interpretations? Where are the limits of their significance?

Dealing with Banks and Financial Analysts

  • How do bankers assess creditworthiness of their customers?
  • Rating criteria of financial analysts for the assessment of listed companies

Financing Strategies

  • Future-oriented financial engineering and alternative financing strategies

Increasing Enterprise Value

  • Value increase through a shareholder value concept
  • EVA and MVA: Figures for the assessment of enterprise value
  • Targeted use of value generators

Calculation of Enterprise Value

  • Intrinsic value, earnings value and hybrid calculations
  • Discounted cash-flow analysis (DCA)
  • Prizing with examples from the business practice

Management Information Systems

  • Financial information and performance figures for executives
  • The fact-book used as management tool
  • Options for strategic and operative financial management


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