Effective Marketing

4-day concentrated seminar for experienced managers providing insights in current trends and developments of effective marketing.


This seminar for managers is designed to introduce profound insights in all critical subjects of modern marketing.

Course objectives:

  • Comprehensive analysis of current topics and trends of modern marketing,
  • defining major challenges of effective marketing for the future,
  • demonstrating new marketing concepts, contents and methodologies (updating existing knowledge),
  • showing the impact of marketing on corporate success,
  • developing a corporate culture of marketing and customer orientation,
  • blending important marketing responsibilities with personal experience.

In-depth training of specific topics

In addition to the course material provided, participants will get access to the tools of our consulting practice. This will support the translation of newly acquired knowledge into practical concepts.

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Target audience

  • Executives with marketing responsibility or managers seeking more in-depth experience and training of all marketing aspects.
  • Mangers with strategic and/or budget responsibility striving to reach their objectives by using effective marketing.


The most important marketing analyses

  • Development of market analyses: Procedure, methodology, examples
  • Seeking new market opportunities: Creativity and idea generation
  • Trend analysis
  • The importance of creating new markets and how to do it
  • Early recognition of shifting customer needs, and how to adjust existing marketing concepts appropriately
  • The significance of customer satisfaction; how to measure it; ways to actively influence it by effective service management
  • Analysis of competitors: Learning from competitor’s behavior

Marketing strategy and Marketing concept

  • Elements and processes of a comprehensive marketing concept
  • Promising marketing strategies
  • Market development based on the product/market concept
  • Pricing policy as a sales promotion tool

Marketing concept

  • Advertising and potential effects
  • Sales: Sales management, sales systems, how to improve the performance of the sales force
  • Sales promotion: Objectives and opportunities
  • Direct marketing: (Pre) sales with results
  • Online marketing

Marketing planning

  • Definition of the marketing concept in the marketing plan
  • Marketing action plan
  • Marketing budget and result planning

Corporate Brand Management

  • The organization as a brand, corporate image and corporate identity
  • Advertising, public relations and promotions used as promotional tools for corporate identity


Dieses Seminar ist auch als firmenspezifisches Programm (deutsch/englisch) buchbar.

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