The shortest answer is doing the thing.
Ernest Hemingway

Wachstum ist ein Prozess schöpferischer Zerstörung.
Joseph Alois Schumpeter

Society doesn't have values. People have values.
Milton Friedman

Krise ist ein produktiver Zustand. Man muss ihm nur den Beigeschmack der Katastrophe nehmen.
Max Frisch

Nur das Denken, das wir leben, hat einen Wert.
Hermann Hesse
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Mission Statement

The well-established province of SMP St. Gallen Management Program has been translating the latest management knowledge into real-life business settings. At the core of our activity is integrated management theory as was developed under the aegis of Prof. Dr. Hans Ulrich at the University of St. Gallen.
We derive the principles and policies for successful management from scientific research on business management and experiences from real life. The knowledge that distilled from this is made accessible to participants in our seminars and courses. Applicability stands here in the forefront.

Executive education should lead to results. Sought are executives, who are able to perform in their function and area of expertise, and who possess a integrated understanding of business management. It is precisely here where SMP plays a significant role.
The following principles aid us in defining the normative guidelines for out activities:
Customer Benefit and Customer Satisfaction as the Highest Goal
As a quality-oriented educational institution, our primary responsibility is creating customer value and satisfaction. Our highest goal is to contribute to your sustainable success with our applied executive education offerings.

In order to achieve this ambitious objective, our seminars and courses are constantly adjusted to reflect the latest developments from research and theory, and are conducted by experienced instructors in a lively and engaging manner.
Diversity and Openness as Our Motto
In the tradition of the St. Gallen approach to management, we are not confined to dogmatic theory. All approaches that aid in generating sustainable business success are treated and taught equally. Our goal is to put these various concepts into a framework in order to relate them, so that they can optimally complement rather than compete with one another.
Applicability as the Ultimate Measure
Success is in the end decided in the real economy by the value and benefit of an idea. In order to continually establish this connection optimally, we work with leading businesses on numerous projects to further develop and implement new management concepts. The results of this cooperation inevitably flow into our seminars and courses and thus ensure that contents taught are of the utmost practicability.