The shortest answer is doing the thing.
Ernest Hemingway

Wachstum ist ein Prozess schöpferischer Zerstörung.
Joseph Alois Schumpeter

Society doesn't have values. People have values.
Milton Friedman

Krise ist ein produktiver Zustand. Man muss ihm nur den Beigeschmack der Katastrophe nehmen.
Max Frisch

Nur das Denken, das wir leben, hat einen Wert.
Hermann Hesse

Strategy Check-up

A company that has been doing well for a long period of time might fall into a certain state of complacency. The attitude that nothing bad can happen and that the good times will last forever is deceiving and can cause a false feeling of security. Empathy prevails and the organization has an attitude to keep doing what has brought success in the past. Who would dare to criticize the status quo and request change as long as old habits prove to be successful?


Does it suffice to keep doing things the way they worked in the past? Is the company on course? Is there a call for action that may lead to change? Checking the current strategy with a strategy audit resembles a preventive examination for the whole organization. This check-up is especially due for companies that have been successfully using the same concept for a long time. An adage of the strategy doctrine is: “If a company is doing exceptionally well, there is reasonable suspicion that they didn’t invest enough and proper to secure the future.” Today’s success doesn’t necessarily guarantee tomorrow’s success. On the other hand, a strategy audit can also help to prevent undue change. Change for the sake of change is sometimes a threat, especially when a company has been doing well for a long period of time and there is no dynamic that calls for new business models, strategies, or new strategic approaches. In this situation it might be wrong to initiate change. Putting merit on proven values and successful patterns without exaggeration might be the right thing to do.


The strategy audit seminar helps finding the right balance between preservation and innovation for your organization. The audit provides executives an opportunity to actively engage in the assessment process.


Interdisciplinary group of participants and managers of various divisions
INH 13
Duration:2 days
Place, Date:to be agreed upon
Language:German or English
Included are the lecturer as well as a firm-specific customization of the content tailored to the needs of the customer. Additional expenses are billed separately.


*plus VAT. Invoice in Euro possible at the current rate.