Top Management Program

Top-Program for executive managers with general management responsibility 


This three-part management program on the central issues of integrated management is aimed at executives from the top and senior management levels, who through their decisions on strategy, finance and human resources, significantly influence the further development of their company and business.

Experienced managers who have successfully worked for many years in the top positions of their companies, are facing a dilemma: the higher they rise, the more they are on their own. There is hardly an opportunity to exchange ideas with colleagues or to obtain unbiased feedback and advice. For each statement, and in every conversation, the question arises as to the "hidden agenda" of the other parties.
It is exactly this need, we meet with the St. Gallen Top Management Program. Besides imparting knowledge through excellent speakers, the focus is on dialogue and exchange of experiences between the participating top executives. The seminar offers a thematic forum for open discussion of experiences, ideas and visions with other managers in similar positions and situations. Concepts and methods, which are still new territory for one's own industry or company, may have been implemented elsewhere long ago.
Participants can integrate own topics and examples into the syllabus or discuss them directly with the speakers, all of which have extensive consulting experience. The seminar can be used to develop innovative ideas but also to ponder critical decisions with neutral parties.

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  • Members of the board
  • Executives form the top management levels.
  • Head of business, departments, divisions or major business units.
  • Head of central units with management responsibility.
  • Experienced executives in positions of responsibility, who want to enhance and specifically bring up to date their management knowledge.

TOPICS Part 1:

Components of Integrated Management

  • Basic concepts and prospects of strategic management
  • Systematic thinking and acting in management
  • Top management’s dependence of organizational maturity
  • Management initiatives to direct the development of the enterprise on track
  • When management should hold back in order to encourage proactive employee behavior and intrapreneurship
  • Effect of guard rails: Best-practice examples

Strategic Goal Setting

  • Strategic goal systems: How to translate strategic goals and guard rails into actual goals.
  • Setting ambitious goals: Ambitious, yet achievable

Defining Strategic Direction and Impact

  • Comprehensive information as strategic prerequisite: Strategic analysis and evaluation
  • Strategy formulation: Design of trendsetting strategies on corporate, managerial and functional level
  • Strategy implementation: Balanced scorecard: Successful implementation of strategic concepts
  • Integrated corporate development: Linking strategy formulation, structural development and potential

Strategic Marketing: Market Success

  • Alternative approaches to integrated strategic marketing
  • Latest inputs for futuristic marketing approaches
  • Corporate Branding: Conscious design of corporate identity and image
  • Personal branding, credibility and profiling of an enterprise by personalities

TOPICS Part 2:

Finance Management for Executives

  • The role of senior management in financial leadership
  • Financial goals and their causal connections
  • Achieving above-average results

Management Information System

  • Financial information and performance figures for executives
  • The fact book as leadership tool
  • Controlling in strategic and operative finance management

Significance of Annual Reports

  • Analysis and interpretation of financial statements/profit and loss statements
  • Performance figures and their interpretation. Where are the limitations of significance?

Active Profit Management

  • Alternatives for better performance
  • Programs to improve enterprise performance and profitability
  • Sustainable optimization

Corporate Value

  • Drivers of corporate value
  • How to assess corporate value
  • Development of a program to improve corporate value
  • Exertion and limitation of influence

TOPICS Part 3:

The list of prerequisites for leadership competence is long. We demonstrate indispensable leadership skills:

  • Creativity and innovation potential
  • Persuasiveness
  • Perception
  • Judgement
  • Analytical thinking
  • Sparking enthusiasm
  • Result orientation
  • Communication skills
  • Sense for justice
  • Self assurance
  • Discipline
  • Thirst for knowledge
  • Adaptability
  • Empathy
  • Harmony – despite assertion

We take special care to provide genuine guidelines to really advance leadership competence and result-oriented implementation

The personal leader program

In this seminar participants achieve condensed knowledge about the success factors of modern leadership. They identify personal strengths and talents for leadership competence. They are becoming aware of their current and future role in their actual leadership environment
Participants develop a program for personal leadership competence. It focuses on advancing individual leadership skills, exploiting leadership strengths, and maximizing leadership effects. A qualified lecturer and coach will support this process and will be glad to assist participants also after class hours.


Dieses Seminar ist auch als firmenspezifisches Programm (deutsch/englisch) buchbar.

MBA & Zertifikate

SMP Master- und Diplomstudiengänge bieten einen Leistungsausweis aus St. Gallen. Berufsbegleitend, modular, anerkannt.


Das Coaching Center St. Gallen ist das Management Weiterbildungsangebot mit Coaching-Option. Individuell, spezifisch, vertiefend.

Custom Programs

SMP Custom Programs liefert die Kompetenz für firmenspezifische Weiterbildung und Management Development. Massgeschneidert, international, umsetzungsorientiert.


St. Gallen Consulting findet die Erfolg versprechenden Wege für Konzerne wie Mittelstand. Strukturiert, fokussiert, nachhaltig.