St. Gallen Management Program

Comprehensive program in 3 parts for juniors and staff members. The course covers the main topics of the modern business administration theory.


The St.Gallen Management Program is an intensive course for managers, juniors and staff members.

In three four-day units participants comprehensively study the spectrum of modern business administration. Course contents are delivered in compact format with actual practical examples, covering proven knowledge as well as new approaches.

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  • Managers with responsibility for results. Heads of business units, profit centers, or product managers
  • Business unit managers, heads of staff functions, as well as managers without direct result responsibility holding important leadership positions
  • Junior managers designated for a higher position
  • Staff members and project managers planning to acquire comprehensive business administration knowledge in a bigger context to better serve their coordinating position.


Comprehensive Thinking in Management

  • Companies in their environments
  • Key success factors
  • Corporate policy and corporate culture
  • Nature and significance of corporate policies
  • Corporate identity
  • Corporate culture
  • Vision and core values

Strategic Management

  • Philosophy, tools and methodology of strategic management
  • Procedures to develop corporate strategies, business unit strategies and functional strategies
  • Balanced scorecards as a strategic controlling tool

Organization and Management Structures

  • Procedures for the design of organizational structures
  • Segmentation and design of business units
  • Prerequisites for structures and procedures fostering efficiency
  • High performance organizations


  • From customer orientation to actively influencing customer satisfaction
  • Buildling blocks of a marketing concept
  • Techniques to improve market performance

TOPICS Part 2:

Human Resources Management

  • Employees as primary success factor
  • Elements of modern human resources management
  • Strategic personnel management

Increasing Efficiency with Personnel Development

  • The factors affecting employee performance
  • High employee satisfaction through great performance

Leadership Styles

  • Methodologies of effective leadership
  • Individual work techniques on the bench
  • Benefits of optimized decision making processes
  • Management by objectives, development and implementation
  • Optimizing personal leadership skills

TOPICS Part 3:

Financial Leadership

  • The financial business concept
  • Managerial accounting
  • Management of financial key factors such as liquidity, profitability, and leverage
  • Cost accounting

Management of P & L Statements

  • Leadership tools for financial management
  • Management with performance figures

Planning and Budgeting

  • Planning and budgeting in dynamic organizations
  • Handling plan deviations

Modern Finance Management

  • Analysis of financial statements and evaluation of performance numbers
  • Finance planning
  • Finance tools
  • Investments and feasibility studies


Dieses Seminar ist auch als firmenspezifisches Programm (deutsch/englisch) buchbar.

MBA & Zertifikate

SMP Master- und Diplomstudiengänge bieten einen Leistungsausweis aus St. Gallen. Berufsbegleitend, modular, anerkannt.


Das Coaching Center St. Gallen ist das Management Weiterbildungsangebot mit Coaching-Option. Individuell, spezifisch, vertiefend.

Custom Programs

SMP Custom Programs liefert die Kompetenz für firmenspezifische Weiterbildung und Management Development. Massgeschneidert, international, umsetzungsorientiert.


St. Gallen Consulting findet die Erfolg versprechenden Wege für Konzerne wie Mittelstand. Strukturiert, fokussiert, nachhaltig.