St. Gallen Leadership Program

This 2-part seminar covers all the aspects of direct and indirect leadership.


The St. Gallen Leadership Program provides comprehensive knowledge of effective leadership. Actively managing success based on leadership excellence is the key topic of this program.

Success and leadership competence are inseparably linked: Top performance requires top leadership; leadership skills have to be nurtured on all hierarchical levels of a corporation, or institution.

Leadership should never be a onedimensional approach: What is the point of highly motivated employees if the strategic direction of the company is wrong? What good does the introduction of objectives and qualification systems if over-complexity and inertia stifle individual initiatives? Where do visionary activities and ambition lead if the necessary management and leadership systems are not in place to guide the process?

The St. Gallen Leadership Program builds all critical elements of successoriented leadership into a comprehensive system. Most recent research insights are combined with best practice concepts. Creative ideas and unconventional approaches to success are demonstrated in various examples.

All relevant building blocks for resultoriented leadership concepts are put together step by step. We provide the necessary tools to support the implementation process and to ensure the expected results.

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Target audience

  • Executives with result responsibility
  • Bereichsleiter, Abteilungsleiter, Projektverantwortliche mit Führungsverantwortung.
  • Managing directors, division heads, and managers with project and leadership responsibility
  • Managers preparing for a new position with more responsibility
  • Managers with product or market responsibility
  • Experts and non-business experts in leadership roles


The St. Gallen Leadership Conceptv

  • History of leadership development and current insights
  • Elements of modern leadership concepts
  • Current leadership concepts on trial
  • Management for success: The holistic, result-oriented leadership concept
  • Design and control of social systems
  • Leadership complexity

Leadership and Performance

  • Analysis of personal leadership skills
  • Leadership focus on objectives and desired results
  • Developing structures and processes
  • Establishment of effective leadership systems


  • Selecting the right team as key factor for success
  • Offering management development to advance high potentials
  • Capability to find and foster qualified personnel

Leadership Excellence

  • Components of successful leadership
  • Leadership focus on core levers
  • Management switchboard
  • Success due to focus on potential benefit
  • Success due to alignment with original customer needs
  • Success based on competitive advantage

Leadership Competence

  • Leadership competence and personal leadership style
  • Corporate culture: From anxiety, lethargy, and frustration - to happiness, energy, and enthusiasm
  • Reflecting personal leadership competence within a group
  • Developing social competence

Team Building - Leading Teams

  • Building and leading teams
  • Leading teams in various situations

Stimulation as Leadership Task

  • From the pioneering company to an over-organized, inefficient institution
  • Why organizations become lethargic
  • How to increase dynamics and flexibility
  • Organizational superiority as success factor: Examples and approach
  • Methodology of effective leadership

Negotiations as part of Leadership

  • Leading means communicating: Why quiet leaders have no chance
  • Asking the right questions
  • Smart reasoning

Communication & Negotiation

  • Communication rules
  • Mastering challenging conversations
  • Awareness of personal communication style


  • Strategy and tactics in negotiations
  • Using emotional aspects and common sense to improve negotiation outcomes


The St. Gallen Leadership Program is specifically designed for participants seeking an overall perspective of leadership competence:

  • Personal leadership competence
  • Corporate leadership
  • Team leadership
  • Leading a business sector

The correlation of leading employees and leading business systems will be validated in many best practice cases.


Dieses Seminar ist auch als firmenspezifisches Programm (deutsch/englisch) buchbar.

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