St. Gallen Executive Management Program

Top-Program for executive managers with general management responsibility


Managers, who want to permanently preserve their expertise and thus support their potential for upward mobility, constantly have to keep up with the latest findings in management knowledge.

The St. Gallen Executive Management Program is an intensive, holistic-oriented management program in two modules of four days each. It covers the latest knowledge on the main issues of modern management. Content, organization, speakers and methodology meet the highest requirements in terms of professionalism, practice and scientific reference. During the course, it is possible for the participants to discuss their own practical problems individually with the speakers.

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Target audience

  • Head of business units, departments, divisions or major business units
  • Top executives and upper management levels
  • Members of the board
  • Head of central units with managerial responsibility
  • Experienced executives in responsible positions, which want to enhance their management knowledge and update it to the latest state.


Components of Integrated Management

  • Basic concepts and prospects of strategic management
  • Systematic thinking and acting in management
  • Top management’s dependence of organizational maturity

Setting Guard Rails

  • Management initiatives to direct the development of the enterprise on track
  • When management should hold back in order to encourage proactive employee behavior and intrapreneurship
  • Effect of guard rails: Best-practice examples

Strategic Goal Setting

  • Strategic goal systems: How to translate strategic goals and guard rails into actual goals.
  • Setting ambitious goals: Ambitious, yet achievable

Strategic Marketing: Market Success

  • Alternative approaches to integrated strategic marketing
  • Latest inputs for futuristic marketing approaches
  • Corporate Branding: Conscious design of corporate identity and image
  • Personal branding, credibility and profiling of an enterprise by personalities


Leadership Models

  • Theories of leadership
  • Leadership models as a useful guide
  • Fundamental questions of leadership
  • The key traits of effective leaders
  • Developing your own leadership model

Leadership skills

  • Developing your leadership style
  • Comprehending how your leadership style impacts people
  • Adapting your leadership style to the situation
  • How leadership develops in practice
  • Inspiring and influencing others to perform
  • Communication and negotiation skills
  • Social competence and character
  • Feedback and coaching

The Impact of Leadership

  • Improving the effectiveness of the organization
  • The appropriate use of power in leading and influencing people
  • Empowerment through delegation
  • Getting commitment
  • Achieving results through objectives
  • Identifying and recognizing success
  • Leading teams to results
  • Trust as an element of productivity

Success as Leader

  • Assessing your motivation, attitudes and preferences
  • Discovering your leadership capacities and talents
  • Understanding others’ personality types and your own
  • Building teams
  • Dealing with conflicts
  • Developing accountability
  • Understanding and using power
  • Developing a personal action plan: reinventing your-self as a leader


Dieses Seminar ist auch als firmenspezifisches Programm (deutsch/englisch) buchbar.

MBA & Zertifikate

SMP Master- und Diplomstudiengänge bieten einen Leistungsausweis aus St. Gallen. Berufsbegleitend, modular, anerkannt.


Das Coaching Center St. Gallen ist das Management Weiterbildungsangebot mit Coaching-Option. Individuell, spezifisch, vertiefend.

Custom Programs

SMP Custom Programs liefert die Kompetenz für firmenspezifische Weiterbildung und Management Development. Massgeschneidert, international, umsetzungsorientiert.


St. Gallen Consulting findet die Erfolg versprechenden Wege für Konzerne wie Mittelstand. Strukturiert, fokussiert, nachhaltig.