Leadership for Juniors

Leadership seminar for junior managers and high potentials


The influence of leadership on performance and employee satisfaction is beyond dispute. Today’s research clearly shows which leadership principles and leadership behaviors transform employees into motivated thinkers. 

Good leaders are challenged. They should communicate visions, spark enthusiasm and transfer goals appropriately from the top to all other levels. They are supposed to support employees, develop skills and build teams where motivated achievers materialize ideas, show top performance, and achieve common goals in an atmosphere of mutual trust and open communication. They are supposed to grow within their role, develop substitutes and qualify themselves for higher tasks. 

They have to fulfill the following requirements:

  • Successful leaders lead situatively. Their leadership style adjusts flexibly to different assignments and prerequisites of employees.
  • Successful leaders manage to suitably apply the laws of motivational theory.
  • They concentrate on relevant issues, set priorities, and delegate.
  • They build their teams personally and select appropriate people for specific jobs.
  • They strive to lead personally and prioritize their efforts.
  • Competent employees with well developed skills are a crucial prerequisite.
  • Awareness of the personal role model position, developing a performance–oriented and trustworthy environment.
  • Conflict awareness; conflicts are not avoided but faced and addressed head-on
  • Understanding management by objectives and the appropriate implementation on respective levels, including target agreements and performance evaluation.
  • Successful leaders know the rules of efficiency and optimize processes and structures.

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  • Successful managers acquiring new inputs and insights for personal leadership competence.
  • Specialists and team leaders acquiring new positions with more extensive leadership responsibility.
  • Junior managers designated for a higher position with comprehensive leadership responsibility.


The St. Gallen Leadership Model

  • Human resources management as critical success factor of the St. Gallen Management Approach
  • Awareness of the personal leadership situation: Influencing factors and effects
  • Scope for top performance

Leadership Style and Leadership Personality

  • Findings of modern leadership theories
  • Leadership styles and situative leadership
  • Authentic and effective - components of personal leadership

Personnel Selection and Development of Human Resources Management

  • Leadership versus execution: Development of high performing employees
  • Recognition and development of employee potential
  • Target agreements, employee development, and performance evaluation
  • The principle of self-organization
  • Creation of dynamics and enthusiasm

Tools and Methodologies of Human Resources Management

  • Strategic incentive systems as motivators
  • Competition of competencies: Development of management potential in comparison
  • Change management

Leadership Behavior and Leadership Competence

  • Leadership through internal corporate identity
  • Identification and motivation based on a an exemplified corporate culture
  • Competent leadership behavior in critical situations
  • Motivation as leadership skill


Dieses Seminar ist auch als firmenspezifisches Programm (deutsch/englisch) buchbar.

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