Future Executives Program

Management program in two parts for executives without formal education in busi-ness administration.


This challenging management program is designed for emerging executives expanding their knowledge and expertise in the areas of strategic management, marketing, and leadership.

In two block seminars, speakers from theoretical and practical fields cover the concepts and methods needed to develop successful strategies and implement them with employees.

The course is based on the structure and content of the St. Gallen Management Model and the system's theoretic approach to business administration. All speakers "speak the same language" and present their field of expertise from a holistic standpoint.

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  • Junior executives, managers, and staff members seeking higher education and training in business administration
  • Up-and-comers from technical or commercial backgrounds seeking solid knowhow in business administration
  • Engineers, technicians, lawyers, etc. acquiring knowledge beyond their field of expertise

TOPICS Part 1:

Fundamentals of corporate management

  • Controlling methods of a company
  • The St. Gallen Management Concept
  • System theory, management systems, and management concepts

Corporate policy and strategic management

  • A company and its environment
  • Developing corporate goals, principles, and visions
  • Analyses and methods for formulating and implementing strategies

Corporate structure

  • Organizing structures and processes
  • Organizational methodology

Marketing management

  • Market research and marketing analysis
  • Marketing system: product, market, and sales policy
  • Marketing strategies, marketing mix
  • Controlling sales performances
  • Online Marketing

TOPICS Part 2:

Successful management

  • Elements of successful management
  • Focusing management on main control variables
  • Strategic incentive systems as additional motivation


  • Leading instead of executing: Developing high-performing employees
  • Agreeing goals, promoting employees, assessing performances
  • Recognizing and developing employee potential

Communication as a management task

  • Basics and laws of purposeful communication
  • How to deal with critical conversations
  • Persuasiveness and negotiation skills

Leadership methods and techniques

  • Sensible use of work technique, decision methods, and creativity techniques
  • Goal-oriented conversations


Dieses Seminar ist auch als firmenspezifisches Programm (deutsch/englisch) buchbar.

MBA & Zertifikate

SMP Master- und Diplomstudiengänge bieten einen Leistungsausweis aus St. Gallen. Berufsbegleitend, modular, anerkannt.


Das Coaching Center St. Gallen ist das Management Weiterbildungsangebot mit Coaching-Option. Individuell, spezifisch, vertiefend.

Custom Programs

SMP Custom Programs liefert die Kompetenz für firmenspezifische Weiterbildung und Management Development. Massgeschneidert, international, umsetzungsorientiert.


St. Gallen Consulting findet die Erfolg versprechenden Wege für Konzerne wie Mittelstand. Strukturiert, fokussiert, nachhaltig.