Change Management Seminar

This seminar provides executives with the necessary skills to purposefully manage and successfully implement major changes in their company. The seminar address-es hard aspects of change processes, such as systems and structures, as well as soft factors of communication and leadership in transitional periods.


Successfully implementing a strategic realignment or sensible reorganization is one of the most challenging tasks in management. It is often easier to build something new than to convince an organization or culture of an inevitable change.

Achieving satisfactory results in this endeavor requires pursuing a common goal on two levels: The necessary changes have to be applied to the so-called hard facts in order to anchor new goals and behaviors within the structures, processes, and incentive systems. In terms of the soft facts, we need to convince employees of the new path, allay their fears and uncertainties, and spark enthusiasm for the new challenge.

Both approaches pursue the same goal. However, the competencies required for a successful implementation differ considerably. Logic and understanding of the sys-tem on one side, empathy and charisma on the other. Only synergizing and coordinating both of these approaches will lead to the desired change.

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  • Experienced middle and senior level executives realigning their area of responsibility in the long term.
  • Executives who are constantly forced to adjust their organization, structures, and business model due to the dynamics of their business.


Findings on modern change process management

  • Current trends in change management
  • Practical experience - From vision and strategy to implementation

Managing change processes

  • Sequences of transformations
  • Anticipating possible implementation barriers
  • Involving employees in change processes
  • Working with change agents
  • Building a coalition of change agents
  • Prompting bullwhip effects
  • Master checklist as starting point for dividing and delegating work
  • Change controlling: Avoiding common mistakes and recognizing deviations early on

Psychology of change

  • Dealing with fundamental changes in structures, processes, and culture
  • Identifying and removing blockades
  • Initiating changes - pointing out necessities, creating psychological stress
  • Instilling positive attributes to change: Change as an opportunity for companies and employees

Developing a learning organization

  • Applying scaling concepts
  • Working with atectonic structures
  • Building up "Organizational Fitness"
  • How to increase dynamics in an organization

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