Business Leaders Program

Management course in two parts for executives without formal education in business administration.


The St. Gallen Business Administration Course imparts the current business and management knowledge that is a prerequisite for any successful management and staff activity in today's business world.

For people who have not yet completed a higher education or further training in business administration.

In two block seminars, speakers from theoretical and practical fields impart contents of relevant business management disciplines in a profound and comprehensive form. Based on practical examples, participants learn about principles, methods, and instruments that significantly influence the success of a company. In addition to knowledge transfer, the seminar also focuses on the practical implementation of what has been learned: The subject matter is therefore not only lectured, but developed through group works, case studies, and projects.

The course is based on the structure and content of the St. Gallen Management Model and the system's theoretic approach to business administration. All speakers "speak the same language" and present their field of expertise from a holistic standpoint.

Special attention is also given to topics that have only recently become part of business administration practice.

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  • Junior executives and staff members who have not yet completed a higher education and training in business administration
  • Up-and-comers from technical or commercial backgrounds seeking solid knowhow in business administration
  • Engineers, technicians, lawyers, etc. acquiring knowledge beyond their field of expertise

TOPICS Part 1:

Fundamentals of corporate management

  • Business administration at a glance
  • A company's controlling methods
  • The St. Gallen Management Concept
  • System theory, management systems, and management concepts
  • Interrelationships and influencing factors of modern corporate management

Corporate policy and strategic management

  • A company and its environment
  • Developing corporate goals, principles, and visions
  • Corporate culture and philosophy
  • Strategic elements
  • Analyses and methods for formulating and implementing strategies

Corporate structure

  • Organizing structures and processes
  • Organizational methodology

Business environment

  • Customer needs and orientation
  • Suppliers as partners
  • Shareholder logic and owner strategy
  • Importance of the general public

Marketing management

  • Market research and marketing analysis
  • Marketing system: product, market, and sales policy
  • Marketing strategies, marketing mix
  • Controlling sales performances

TOPICS Part 2:

Finance and accounting

  • Financial basics: the meaning of cash flow, return, and liquidity
  • Forms of financing
  • Balance sheet and income statement

Controlling and investment appraisal

  • Outlining an investment appraisal
  • Controlling as a management tool
  • Reporting, management reports
  • Executive's controlling responsibility

Planning and budgeting

  • Planning: Structure and logic
  • Accurate budgeting
  • Recognizing deviations, corrective actions
  • Planning results, achieving financial goals

Approach and seminar procedure

The seminar is based on active teaching methods, which are used alternately: guid-ed discussions, case studies, group work, individual presentations, as well as role plays.

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Dieses Seminar ist auch als firmenspezifisches Programm (deutsch/englisch) buchbar.

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